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Frequently Asked Questions - Management Controls

In P3M3 the scope of Management controls covers the internal controls used by initiatives and how the direction of travel is maintained throughout the lifecycle, with appropriate breakpoints that enable initiatives to be stopped or redirected by a controlling body.

The P3M3 Management Controls are characterised by the clear evidence of a guiding control group, effective decisionā€making, the existence of stages/tranches, and regular review processes during the course of the initiative. The focus of control will be on achieving the objectives within the tolerance and boundaries set by the controlling body and based on the broader organisation’s requirements. Issues will be identified and evaluated, and decisions to deal with them will be undertaken using a structured process with appropriate impact assessments.

These guides, articles and videos provide help with some of the concepts and techniques


                     How do I develop project estimates?                                   How do I manage project quality?                                                                                 

Over the last year or two, we have reviewed a number of programmes and projects that are using an “agile” approach. There are a number of common problems that have come to light that should be of interest to any organisation setting out on an agile endeavour for the first time.
Agile, Lean or project management are not cures for unproductive or incompetent teams, weak leadership, or poor performance management. All methods have their place and can add value and improve performance, but none on their own are a panacea as they all depend on the capability of the people involved.
The following article sets out some of the key lessons that we have taken from our reviews. 

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