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P3M Frameworks

The Align PMO Framework is the result of 7 years of development and the experience of undertaking maturity reviews of over 100 organisations, which has shown that the framework is often the obstacle to performance improvement. The foundation for building an effective programme and project management capability is the framework. The complexity is often underestimated and attempts to produce 'light' frameworks that do not survive the increasing demands of maturity. Our experience is that the foundations for the long term need to be established from the start.

The Align PMO Framework is designed to be a self-service PMO, providing role specific guidance for members of programme and project teams in addition to theme guidance tailored for your organisation. Your organisation's framework site becomes the first port of call for all programmes and projects. Align is specifically designed to give a P3M3 maturity level 3 compliance framework.

For a free to use version please visit p3mframework.com


What is included?

  • Succinct views of global best practice guidance
  • Standards for all programmes and projects
  • Tracking an idea from concept to benefits release
  • Explanation of themes and useful techniques
  • Template library
  • Lessons sharing forum

Service Features

  • Fully supported, cloud-based P3M Framework site
  • Phone and email support
  • Consultancy design and implementation support packages available
  • The Align team will set up your system and provide phone and email support during normal working hours as part of the service
  • The Align PMO Framework interfaces with popular management tools such as Microsoft Project Server, SharePoint and Verto


Cost Savings:

  • achievement of project and programme benefits
  • reduced waste and duplication of projects
  • clearer governance of project delivery
  • avoided development costs from fragmented framework development
  • reduced training costs

Business Efficiency:

  • faster mobilisation of projects
  • early identification of project failure
  • uniform processes established which in turn provide consistency of project and programme delivery
  • alignment and enabling of strategic outcomes to projects
  • lean templates which reduce waste

Improved quality of service:

  • reduced risk of failure through improved control
  • achieve P3M3 Level 3 maturity level to set your organisation apart in market sector
  • increased reliability of project performance
  • embedded training leading to performance improvements
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