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Frequently Asked Questions - Organisational Governance

In P3M3 the scope of Organisational Governance covers how the delivery of initiatives is aligned with the strategic direction of the organization. It considers how the startā€up and closure controls are applied to initiatives and how alignment is maintained during the initiative’s lifecycle.

There are similarities between the characteristics required for good management control and organizational governance, but their interpretation is different. Organizational governance is about having the right initiatives running, while management control is about running them the right way. This perspective is focused on organizational controls rather than the internal controls for initiatives.

This P3M3 perspective also looks at how a range of other organizational controls help maintain ownership and direction (e.g. through legislative or regulatory frameworks). Each organization will have different standards and these should be defined at the outset when the assessment is scoped.

These guides, articles and videos provide help with some of the concepts and techniques


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                    How do I establish project controls?