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Build your own development programmes

We have outlined a number of solutions to help you with developing your transformation, portfolio, programme and project management capabilities. 

We recognise that not all organisations are at the point where they have a competency framework to work with to steer the building of the staff capability and performance. 

You may be one of those organisations that have invested lots of money in standard courses and qualifications and failed to see a return on that investment. Possibly because people have spent all their time learning how to pass the exam, rather than how to improve their performance. 

You may also be an individual who has a specific requirement in terms of developing your own skill set for your chosen career and wish to get ahead of the herd. 

We can radically change the way you or your organisation buys, delivers and manages training to enable you to target your interventions:

  • Bring new ideas and considerations to all aspects of your delivery
  • Focus on your areas of weakness to improve understanding and confidence
  • Build a range of accreditations into a development journey rather buying training that is dictated by an exam

We do this by offering our entire portfolio of materials (over 500 assets) as individual learning nuggets that you can cherry pick to fit your individual or organisational need.

So rather like a menu in a restaurant, you can select the specific modules that you like and we will build them into an online course for you or your staff. 

With over 500 to chose from you will probably need our help, so if you tell us about the problem we will help you with your selection. 

You may have specific requirements that our portfolio doesn't directly address, for example:

  • The way your organisation approaches a particular subject is different and you need specific content to be added to a module
  • You would like your own modules created based on specific perspectives and techniques that you use or even branding
  • Your requirements go beyond Transformation and P3M and you need materials built on other topics

In this or any other case we can help,  not only because we have built a huge repetitoire of materials from  our expertise in P3M, but becase we have a great development team that produce great products.

We can convert your own materials or we can work together to design a course on any subject you like. 

Why not talk to us about our potential to build your potential. 


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