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Frequently Asked Questions - Resource Management

Resource management covers the management of all types of resource required for delivery of the initiative. These include human resources, deployment of building infrastructures, information technology, and access to key assets and tools.

A key element of resource management is the process for acquiring resources and how supplier sources are utilized to maximize effective use of resources.

There will be evidence of capacity planning and prioritisation to enable effective resource management. This will include performance management and exploitation of opportunities for greater utilisation. Resource capacity considerations will be extended to include assessment of the capacity of the operational groups to resource the implications of change.

These guides, articles and videos provide help with some of the concepts and techniques


Organisations have spent a fortune on training up their project and programme managers in the last 10 years. Extensive work has been done to improve the tools that they use and the quality of the processes are invested in.
So why do some organisations seem to be naturally good at project management whilst others are not?

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The last 15 years has seen a vast increase in the number of individuals holding professional qualifications. One framework alone, PRINCE2®, now has well over a 500,000 practitioners worldwide and I am sure many other internationally recognised approaches can claim equally impressive figures, so it wouldn’t be unreasonable to suggest that there are over 1,000,000 individuals with project management qualifications.

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