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Global Market Leaders

Late in 2019, the US-based company Course Conductor asked if we would be interested in finding out what our training clients really thought of us.

When we formed in 2004, we never aspired to be the biggest, but we did want to be the best. Consequently, we are continually working on ways to improve our services and delivery while closely monitoring our delegate feedback.

We are primarily an in-house provider and don't do public courses but we hadn't thought about actually asking the clients who pay for the courses how we could improve through an independent third party in this way.

The Course Conductor evaluation was unique in its approach, so we decided to take them up on their offer. We are hugely grateful to our clients for taking the time to complete an extensive questionnaire.

When the result was released, it really was a WOW moment for our team - "Best in Class Market Leader" - it doesn't get much better than that!

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