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P3M Frameworks

We can help you set up your portfolio, programme or project office so that it is in a good shape from the outset or we can help you to assess your existing operation and help you to improve your performance

We set up, run and handed over Portfolio Office and Programme Offices in a range of sectors including:

  • Central Government
  • Music Industry
  • Technology
  • Rail
  • Roads
  • Health

To have an effective PMO you need to have a well defined portfolio and/or programme environment.  The design of the portfolio is critical to the success of the PMO which means the development should be happening in parallel.

A common failing is that organisations do not see the implementation of the PMO as a programme but simply the installation of a new function. Portfolio and programme management is normally a complete change of working practices and cultures within an organisation and we can help you  manage this.

We will draw on our experience of helping create high performing organisations to help you avoid the pitfalls so many PMOs fall into. Our solutions integrate the best of MoP, MSP, PRINCE2, APM BoK to deliver you the optimum solution.

For a free to use version please visit p3mframework.com


What Services can we offer

We have an extensive range of assets that we can provide to help with your PMO strategy, including:

  • Portfolio Governance models and operating frameworks
  • Programme Governance models and operating frameworks
  • Project Governance models and operating frameworks
  • P3M lifecycles
  • Delivery models to cover themes such as risk, planning benefit etc
  • PMO target operating models
  • PMO team development programmes
  • PMO tools strategy and vendor integration 
  • Online information portals


Cost Savings:

  • achievement of project and programme benefits
  • reduced waste and duplication of projects
  • clearer governance of project delivery
  • avoided development costs from fragmented framework development
  • reduced training costs

Business Efficiency:

  • faster mobilisation of projects
  • early identification of project failure
  • uniform processes established which in turn provide consistency of project and programme delivery
  • alignment and enabling of strategic outcomes to projects
  • lean templates which reduce waste

Improved quality of service:

  • reduced risk of failure through improved control
  • achieve P3M3 Level 3 maturity level to set your organisation apart in market sector
  • increased reliability of project performance
  • embedded training leading to performance improvements
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