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PDCF Competency Framework Services

If you are a user of the Government Project Delivery Competency framework then we have a lot to offer you. There is a big difference between achieving a competency level and passing qualifications, and this is a common error.

We have specifically built our eLearning modules to align with the key competency areas within PDCF and take you on a development journey that starts at Level 0 and finishes at Level 4.

It is important to understand that Practitioner in the PDCF is not the same as Practitioner when it comes to qualifications such as Axelos.

In the PDCF it means you have evidence that you have detailed understanding and a successful track record whereas a PRINCE2 Practitioner means that you can retain information and pass an exam rather than do the work.

The training courses can give you the knowledge and understanding to undertake tasks, but you need to put it into practice and hone your skills to achieve competence.

We have developed 3 stages of training to enable you to work up through the Competence Levels, and achieve the competence needed for your job role.   It doesn't have to stop there, we can move your career development seamlessly into higher educatiton with University of Cumbria  certification.

Stage 1 Fundamentals – these courses take you from zero knowledge through awareness and some basic working concepts that will help you contribute to your project. These are written specifically for the uninformed audience and contain personal exercises for you to try out in the workplace.

Stage 2 Practitioner – these are a mix of the generic materials we use for Axelos and similar types of courses where they exist for skills area and a range of additional material that is more much practical place and introduces a range of techniques that will give you the higher level of performance and put you on the path to Expert by applying them in the workplace.

Stage 3 – Professional – these are our advanced courses and are designed for people at the Practitioner level of competence. They introduce more advanced techniques and have greater focus on workplace assignments and learning from those experiences. Some of the technical areas are professions in their own right (e.g Commercial), so we only offer courses that provide you with the Practitioner knowledge.

Stage 4  - Expert - if you want to go the whole way, we offer a further development stage into higher education with our University of Cumbria partnership for those that wish to pursue a university accreditation. The depth of the knowledge is the same as Stage 3 but the application and assessments are different. 

We have developed our eLearning portfolio to align as closely as possible with the PDCF competency levels but obviously there is a lot more help that we can provide.

  1. We are partners with Comaea the competency tool supporting PDCF and all our materials are available through their portal.
  2. We can help to align our modules with specific job roles to help you with the implementation
  3. We can supplement the eLearning with workshops to bring it to life with practical examples of how to deliver apply the concepts and improve your performance.
  4. We can provide coaches to help improve individual performance
  5. Independent verification of workplace assignments to achieve competence levels

We have qualifications that align with the PDCF levels and are accredited by Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM)

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