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Aspire Europe Accessibility Commitment

As part of our ongoing commitment to developing digital products we have become increasingly aware of the difficulties of eLearning for people who have accessibility challenges.

We had believed that we were fully compliant based on the software we were using, but we recently discovered that we had not properly enabled the features.

Since February 2021 we have committed ourselves to using WCAG AA as our standard approach, which in simple terms means that we commit to providing:

  1. Slides with a built-in screen reader.
  2. Video subtitles
  3. Keyboard accessible courses and exercises.

We are systematically working our way through all of our materials to ensure that we have all these features up and running as we recognise we are not yet perfect in this area.

We have designed some particularly complex exercises which require a mouse and where these situations arise we will provide a keyboard shortcut to the answer because the exercise will still be solvable with the information we provide on screen.

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