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Professional Development Strategy

Our professional development services improve the performance of your teams whilst saving you money.

The smart organisations have long ago worked out that buying generic qualifications courses has little effect on performance. That does not mean they do not have a role to play, but it is only one of a number of elements that are needed to generate success.

To be a smart organisataion, your first step should be working with a Competency Framework. This will enable you to build a graduating improvement to your team capabilities, but this will only happen if you have a strategy to enable this to happen.

We have developed a portfolio of materials that target each of these five levlels across 27 different topics that are the basis for the portfolio, programme and project management professions (P3M)

Competency Frameworks

Most Competency Frameworks have five levels of knowledge and resulting application, the five levels are normally a variant of the following:

o   Level 1 – Basic: you have awareness of the subject

o   Level 2 – Capable: you are able to apply the knowledge is low risk or simple environment

o   Level 3 – Competent:  you are able to apply the knowledge in medium risk more complex environment

o   Level 4 – Proficient: you are able to apply the knowledge in high risk and highly complex environments

o   Level 5 - Expert: you are a recognised expert with wide industry knowledge

The majority of the popular qualifications only provide qualifications that address the lower levels of competence.  Our relationship with the University of Cumbria enables us to support your qualifications all the way up the learning ladder.  This image helps illustrate where the  various  examination bodies sit in relation to competency levels

Services that we can offer

  • Over 400 training modules that can be built into any configuration that will help you
  • Support for the APM Competency Framework, we have modules that cover all 27 knowledge areas
  • Support for the  PDCF Competency Framework, we have modules that cover all 19 knowledge areas
  • Over 40 face to face courses ready to go as they are or customised for your needs
  • Blended learning model that takes the best of face to face and links it to our online learning suite.
  • Competency assessments using our online assessment tool
  • Support for market leading competency tool provider Comea
  • Independent competency framework based on P3M3
  • Learning journeys that take you up through the competency levels with individual learning paths
  • Integration of generic industry qualifications such as MSP, APM and PRINCE2 with the advanced application qualifications through the University of Cumbria programmes
  • Videos on all the major topics


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