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Aspire Articles

  • What is project resource management? Resource management is a critical area, as without resources a project cannot deliver anything. This PM Drop In video provides a quick and informal overview of the things you should be thinking about in relation to resource management. If you would like more information why not try out our short Fundamentals of Resource Management to […] Read more
  • What is project commercial management In the world of project management, there is normally a need to buy things to support the implementation of the change, this can range from major engineering works to a simple training couse. This brings the project professionals and commercial professionals together. This can prove to be very productive but often it is a source […] Read more
  • What is project requirements management? The source of failure for 90% of projects is their failure to establish a good set of requirements, with project teams only to eager to make a start and the business will bekeen to get the job done. Far to little attention is paid to this topic and the complexity of the changes. Why not […] Read more
  • What are project controls ? Project Controls means many things to many people. In our PM Drop In video we have put together a quick and informal run through of the key concepts you should be aware of. T If we can help further, why not do our Fundamentals course on Project Controls to give you a bit more insight […] Read more
  • What are the P3M3 threads? In the latest version of P3M3 the concept of Threads was introduced. These are “cross cutting” concepts that help with the systemic analysis of an organisations strengths and weaknesses. It reflects the recognition that if an organisation is weak on a topic, e.g. planning, then this will have deeper consequences than just affecting project schedules. […] Read more
  • What is integrated assurance Assurance – is it a bureaucratic burden or an effective way to avoid failure? It will largely depend on whether you are in a team being challenged or an executive with personal accountability for the result. Most organisations have a fragmented approach to how integrated assurance is achieved. To have an integrated approach requires multiple […] Read more

Aspire News

  • Cyber Essentials Accreditation Congratulations to the Aspire Europe technical team for passing another Cyber Essential Plus audit with flying colours Read more
  • Graduate Certificate in Programme Management We are very excited to be announcing our collaboration with the University of Cumbria Business School to deliver a Graduate level qualification in Programme Management starting this autumn. This is the culmination of many years of hard work to find the right partner to deliver a Higher Education qualification. The ethos behind the qualification is […] Read more
  • Aspire Europe are back !!! After 10 years in the wilderness as far as PRINCE2 and MSP public schedule training is concerned – we are excited to say we are back in the mix. Now that virtual delivery has removed the barriers to entry created by the training supermarkets, we can once again offer the quality of training that has […] Read more
  • MSP course refresh We have been using the lockdown to make sure we have the best e-learning courses in the world – and as we are the lead authors of MSP our course should be a cut above the rest. Not only will you find lots more interactivity in the material, we have put a lot of thought […] Read more
  • We’ve launched a new MSP playlist on Youtube We’ve been busily putting together more videos to support our training courses during the lock down. The latest release is the MSP in a Nutshell series. This is a set of videos that sets out the key concepts and also explains a number of the common problems people come across when using Managing Successful Programmes. […] Read more
  • PRINCE2 course refresh released During the lock down we have been working flat out to improve our e-learning materials because we want to deliver the best courses in world to you Our refresh of PRINCE2 has included numerous new interactive exercises for both foundation and practitioner level delegates along with an extensive array of supporting videos. We have provided […] Read more

Building organisational capability

To help you improve your performance we have a smart range of gismos and sorcery that enables us to work out where you will get the biggest benefits from your investment

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Building people capability

It is pretty tricky for you to be effective if you don't know what you are doing. We offer courses that are right for your knowledge level, a crazy idea that we hope will catch on. We will help you perform better.

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Why are we here?

We have a lot of clever ideas but our message is a simple one, and that is "we want to help you improve your performance"

We focus on helping our clients optimise their performance and deliver change effectively because we:

  • recognise that every organisation is unique and don't make assumptions about you​
  • draw on our experience of other organisations to solve your problems and save them money
  • establish an empathy with your organisation and you to understand us
  • are focused on delivering measurable progress so that you see your investment materialising

Our absolute focus is to help improve your performance which is why there is a genuine mutual admiration between ourselves and many of our clients.

What do we value?

We have invested lots of time in contributing to the industry and writing books and papers to help others because we really care.

We do this because we have some core values that drive our behaviours and attitudes to our clients because we:

  • have fresh and innovative ideas that we want to share with the world
  • want to go beyond the "good enough", in everything we do, we want to be outstanding
  • want to build relationships that deliver successful outcomes not just outputs
  • go the extra mile once we have an emotional connection with a problem that needs a solution

From the start we wanted to change the world, and through our leadership in the development of P3M3, we have changed the performance of some of the biggest companies in the world.

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