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Aspire Articles

  • What is programme benefits management? We thought it would be a good idea to revisit some of the guiding principles that underpin the world of portfolio, programme and project management. In a world of information overload, it is very easy to lose sight of what matters, so this is the first in a series of posts that we revisit to remind […] Read more
  • How to improve project delivery performance? We were undertaking a review of what we had seen and learned over the last year, and one of the main developments was the emergence of organisations achieving P3M3® level 3 and 4 ratings. There have been some interesting discoveries about the characteristics of these organisations, beyond what we had anticipated. Some of the characteristics […] Read more
  • Have you checked out the Aspire Europe youtube channel yet? We have been developing on our You Tube channel over the past year to bring you a host of video content from programme life cycles, benefits/risk/assurance (etc.) management to revision tips on how to successfully pass your exam. We aim to keep the videos to a maximum of 10 minutes to cover key topics for […] Read more
  • What is stakeholder management? In a world where everyone is giving incredibly helpful advice that most of people ignore and walk, zombie-like, into failure, rather like some of the scenarios in Douglas Adams’ Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, so we thought it would be more fun to help speed up the process and provide you with helpful guidance on […] Read more
  • How do I develop a programme management framework? No organisation can successfully deliver programmes and projects without an effective framework. Our work on developing the maturity model P3M3® and undertaking assessments of over 100 organisations enabled us to review a wide range of processes, guidance and tools that are used across a range of sectors. We found: Incomplete frameworks with inadequate lifecycles Frameworks […] Read more
  • Strategic PMOs play a key role in driving outcomes Forrester-Strategic PMOs In this article by Forrester Consulting they have written an excellent paper on how strategic PMOs play a key role in increasing an organisations ability to delivery the right projects in the right way, thus improving organisational performance and agility. It includes an interesting section about the triggers for PMOs taking on this […] Read more

Aspire News

  • Project Management Course Upgrade We have now completed the upgrade to our Project Management Fundamentals eLearning course. This course has undergone a major over haul over the last few months with the additions of videos and there are now 12 core modules covering: Introduction Lifecycles Governance and Leadership Benefits Business Case and Finance Controls and Quality Risk and Issue […] Read more
  • Make the most of your downtime If you are at home with time on your hands as a result of Coronavirus and want to use the time constructively, we would like to help. Whilst the lockdown continues, if you have been furloughed, been made redundant or have no income, we are offering access to one course from our eLearning library without […] Read more
  • Our results speak for themselves . . . Our eLearning gives you the results you are looking for. Over the last six months our success rate across all our Foundation courses (both eLearning and Face-to-Face) is 98.5%, with 100% success in both the APMG and APM products.  For our eLearning we have 100% pass rates in our MSP®, M_o_R®, P3O® and Change ManagementTM […] Read more
  • Take your first steps in Project Management The team have been working really hard to ensure there is quality resource available to anyone looking to study online and we are pleased to launch our NEW PM (Project Management) Fundamentals course. This new course can be undertaken as part of our current LOCKDOWN2020 promotion but as an extra bonus, for this particular course, […] Read more
  • More new stuff We are now releasing a new series of videos to our Youtube channel. We are calling them the “Drop Ins” and the idea is that we give you an informal and quick heads up on a subject. These videos are part of our new suite of Fundamentals courses that we are releasing to our customers […] Read more
  • UK Testing programme roll out The amazing achievement of creating the capability to undertake 100,000 test per day throws a light on a classic project v programme thinking issue and the challenges of transition It is a great example of thinking about building the outputs and capabilities (100,000 test capacity) with the focus moving to outcomes (100,000 tested) and the […] Read more

Building organisational capability

To help you improve your performance we have a smart range of gismos and sorcery that enables us to work out where you will get the biggest benefits from your investment.

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Building people capability

It is pretty tricky for you to be effective if you don't know what you are doing. We offer courses that are right for your knowledge level, a crazy idea that we hope will catch on. We will help you perform better.

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Why are we here?

We have a lot of clever ideas but our message is a simple one, and that is "we want to help you improve your performance"

We focus on helping our clients optimise their performance and deliver change effectively because we:

  • recognise that every organisation is unique and don't make assumptions about you​
  • draw on our experience of other organisations to solve your problems and save them money
  • establish an empathy with your organisation and you to understand us
  • are focused on delivering measurable progress so that you see your investment materialising

Our absolute focus is to help improve your performance which is why there is a genuine mutual admiration between ourselves and many of our clients.

What do we value?

We have invested lots of time in contributing to the industry and writing books and papers to help others because we really care.

We do this because we have some core values that drive our behaviours and attitudes to our clients because we:

  • have fresh and innovative ideas that we want to share with the world
  • want to go beyond the "good enough", in everything we do, we want to be outstanding
  • want to build relationships that deliver successful outcomes not just outputs
  • go the extra mile once we have an emotional connection with a problem that needs a solution

From the start we wanted to change the world, and through our leadership in the development of P3M3, we have changed the performance of some of the biggest companies in the world.

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