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ILM Programme and Project Management Stage 1 - Fundamentals



This is our entry level development programme. It has been completely revamped over the last 18 months into the complete introduction to programme and project management course and is now accredited by ILM as part of a 3 stage development programme.

"Why is this different to other courses?" you may ask, "in particular the APM entry level qualification, APM PFQ?" - In truth that was where we started, with a refresh of that material but we noticed that the syllabus was a scattergun of topics, some of which it left completely alone whilst going into great detail on others.

Stage 1 Fundamentals is the starting point for the journey into project management. It is much more than a simple introduction as it covers a wide range of topics that have an impact on most projects to a greater or lesser extent.

The modules within the course are entitled Fundamentals, but they are far more than an overview as they cover each topic in sufficient detail to provide more than the basic concepts. These modules introduce best practice considerations, common activities and procedures that will enable students to gain experience in relation to the topics.


A significant benefit of taking this approach is that you will have covered the materials:

  1.  To attain the ILM award, which includes a case study assignment.
  2. To attain the APM PFQ award with our additional exam preparation pack.
  3. Show evidence of your knowledge for your organisation's competence framework.
  4. The modules can be used as and when needed as part of a wider education pack.


The course is specifically aligned to help you to achieve the Level 1 competence and the basic knowledge for Level 2 competence for each of:

  1.  APM Competency Framework
  2. Project Delivery Competency Framework (PDCF)
  3. P3M3 Competence Framework

Course Outcomes

Once you have completed the course you will:

  1. Be able to contribute effectively within a programme or project team.
  2. Have a conceptual understanding of the common programme and project procedures and their purpose.
  3. Have the confidence to contribute effectively within a team through understanding of common terminology.
  4. Understand the key roles within a working environment and their responsibilities.
  5. Be prepared for stage 2 and other qualification options.

Target Audience

Anyone with an interest or involvement in a project will benefit from the course content. The stage 1 course is designed for people who need to have a basic knowledge across a range of project management concepts because:

  • You have a role in a project team and need to actively contribute in some way.
  • You have a business management responsibility for the delivery of a project and how to effectively influence the project.
  • You have a sponsoring responsibility for a project and need to establish an understanding of the principles.
  • You are starting out on a project management career and wish to establish a broad understanding.
  • You are interested in the potential of project management concepts and how they might help your organisation.
  • Your organisation is using a competency framework (e.g. PDCF or APM) and they wish to prove they have a level of basic understanding.

Course Content

This course is made up of 17 modules, each built around a common structure:

  1. Introduction
    • Competency Ladder Introduction
    • Preparation for Learning
    • Basic Concept Video
  2. Overview
    • Concept
    • Context
    • Best Practice
  3. Topic Related Components
    • Common Activities
    • Common Processes or Procedures
    • Common Terminology
    • Roles
  4. Conclusions
    • Knowledge Test, between 6-10 multi-choice questions
    • Suggested workplace application
    • Recommended additional reading from the P3M Framework
    • Competency Ladder update


The following modules are included in the Stage 1 course. 

  • Introduction to Project Fundamentals
  • Fundamentals of Project Lifecycles
  • Fundamentals of Risk and Issue Management
  • Fundamentals of Scope and Control
  • Fundamentals of Planning
  • Fundamentals of Benefits Management
  • Fundamentals of Requirements Management
  • Fundamentals of Business Case
  • Fundamentals of Quality and Information Management
  • Fundamentals of Leadership and Team Roles
  • Fundamentals of Assurance and Review
  • Fundamentals of Commercial Management
  • Fundamentals of Stakeholder and Communications
  • Fundamentals of Programme Management
  • Fundamentals of Portfolio Management
  • Fundamentals of Agile Project Management
  • Fundamentals of Resource Management

ILM Assessment

For the ILM award the assessment involves:

  1. Completion of the Modules
  2. Multi-choice paper
  3. Assignment based on a simple case study

Delivery Methodology

The course has been designed so that all the knowledge you will need is available through the eLearning modules, so this gives you the choice to:

  1. Study online only
  2. Blended approach with online study and 4 trainer led online workshops
  3. An in-house course, where we can adapt the workshops for your own needs to help bring the materials to life

Course Length

The length of the course will be dependent on the time available to be dedicated by the student:

  • Online learning materials: 30 hours
  • Workshops (optional): 12 hours
  • Formal Assessment: 2 hours
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