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ILM Programme and Project Management Professional Development Programme

The Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) are a world renowned accreditation body that are part of the City and Guilds organisation. They are the leaders in vocational qualifications and that is why we have worked with them to create this unique range of qualifications.

The 3 stages of development take you into up to the  Higher Education environment where the ILM development dovetails into our graduate programme with the University of Cumbria.

The Programme and Project Management Professional Development Programme (or PPM PDP for short) is made up of 3 stages which combine to provide a comprehensive programme that builds students' knowledge to enable their contribution to improve the overall performance of programmes and projects.

The 3 development stages provide a backbone of knowledge and capability that enables students to gain ILM accreditation and the ability to branch off into specialisms that offer qualification options in other sectors including progression to higher education. 

The 3 stages also offer entry points for people at different stages of their careers to ensure development opportunities for everyone involved with programme and project management.

The course materials are:

  • Designed to enable learning to be undertaken at a pace that suits the students and their workplace environment.
  • Based on globally accepted best practice materials that will provide a wide range of perspectives on how to address situations and embed best practice.
  • Delivered using interactive materials with examples to help bring them to life in their working environment.

Delegates will benefits from gaining evidence of knowledge achievement, through online tests and a written submission assessing opportunities to improve performance.

Organisations will have the benefits of independently verified evidence of students' knowledge and ability to apply it, through knowledge tests and workplace assignments.

The focus of the course is around online learning, with a range of new eLearning materials that have been specifically developed to help gain knowledge and build confidence to be a programme and project management professional.

The 3 stages are tightly aligned to common Competency Frameworks such as PDCF and APM, to enable delegates to build the knowledge.

Stage 1 - Fundamentals 
this provides a thorough interaction to the full range of topics that are relevant to people working in the programme and project management environment or just moving into it.

More information on the ILM accreditation can be found on their website 


Stage 2 - Practitioner 

this is designed for people working in the programme and project environment with specific delivery responsibilities. The materials draw on a range of sources including a range of common course materials, for example PRINCE2 and APM PFQ. The aim of the course is to move beyond understanding "what" the tools and techniques are, to being able to use them yourself. The assessment is focused on evidence that you can analyse and improve the way you deliver projects, not whether you can remember text from a manual.


Stage 3 - Professional 

this is for experienced practitioners and is targeted at enhancing performance and deeper knowledge of techniques. This is entirely new material and is based on the development work for the graduate programme we deliver through the University of Cumbria. The assessment is focused on evidence of planning the delivery of a complex change within an organisation.

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