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Our books – Practical guides to getting things done – 10% off!

Anyone can claim to be at the leading edge of the industry or a thought leader, but how many people put themselves ‘out there’ and go into print as authors securing the backing of one the world’s leading publishing companies like TSO? As evidence of our unique position, we have listed below where we have contributed to […]

MSP® Survival Guide for Senior Responsible Owners published

The MSP® Survival Guide for Senior Responsible Owners has finally made it to the book stores (published 31st March) and joins the MSP® Survival Guide for Business Change Managers and the MSP® Survival Guide for Programme Managers  on public release to complete the trilogy. It is written for busy SROs living in a high tempo world, […]

A Practical Guide to Project Planning: Ten Key things

Ten things that will you find in the Practical Guide to project planning – a step by step guide that you won’t find in other planning books: It is written with you in mind! We are not expecting you to be a guru, building the Olympic Park or managing High Speed 2, everyday projects are hard […]