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Benefits management workshop

Aspire Europe are hosting a workshop at the APM PMO SIG conference on the 10th October – we hope to see you there Here are the details What’s the first thing I can do to introduce benefits management into our organisation? How can we avoid being seen to be responsible for delivering benefits? If the […]

OGC best practice in New Zealand

Best Practice in New Zealand – during the week commencing 12th September there will be a number of events run in Wellington and Auckland, in collaboration with our partners KPMG NZ. The full itinerary is still taking shape, but one definite date is the 15th September, which will be a workshop in Auckland that will […]

MSP and PRINCE2 head for Beijing

PRINCE2 and MSP in Beijing – with a lot of interest building in the Chinese market about the value of these two OGC products, Wow Projects of Beijing (www.wowprojects.org) are hosting a major conference and workshops. Andy Murray, Outperform and PRINCE2 lead author, and Rod Sowden will be guests of Wow Projects for a 10 […]

Best Practice Showcase – Canberra 9th September

Best Practice Showcase Canberra – the lineup is now been confirmed (as they say about Glastonbury) and the new version of MSP will be hot off the press when this event happens.  Two guest speakers from the UK, will be presenting to the event, Rod Sowden of Aspire will be talking about the new version […]

Aspire Europe launch the Align Toolbox for MSP

Align Toolbox Briefing Paper MSP is coming it for the 2011 refresh and we have been leading the development of the new framework. For those of you that need more specific support in setting up and delivering your prorgramme, consider using our Toolbox, you will find extensive information drawn from MSP, but it provides you […]