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Programme Management – PMI or MSP – which one is for you?

In the world, there are two main programme management frameworks, the MSP® framework which we have been so heavily involved in, and the PMI Programme Management framework from the US based community. We were commissioned to write a paper comparing the two approaches and we thought this article would be an interesting reference point if […]

Stakeholders and Project success

FACT: PM is as much about people management as it is project management. Communicating and managing stakeholders effectively in change delivery is absolutely paramount to project success. Stakeholders have the power to de-rail projects and ultimately determine whether the project is deemed a success or failure by the larger audiences. At Aspire Europe we have […]

Implementing P3O® – Latte experience

Our partners in Brisbane, CC Learning have produced this excellent vodcast on Implementing P3O®  within an organisation in conjunction with Elissa Farrow, one of our Registered Consultants in Australia. Specifically covering the hub and spoke model of Portfolio, program and project offices. We hope you enjoy it – http://youtu.be/Zbv3mpe-uhc P3O® is a registered trade mark of AXELOS Limited

Lean and Agile Empower your teams and increase collaboration with digital technologies

Here is a link  to a webinar from APM and Projectplace on 7th October 2014. Paul Bamforth discusses how can the growing trend in Lean and Agile be embraced and how can essential collaboration be achieved through use of digital technologies? Enjoy

How to enhance your career prospects

Adding the APMP qualification to your CV will enhance your career prospects.  Major organisations including Siemens, Network Rail and even the Ministry of Defence will look at you with a lot more respect by undertaking this examination.  This qualification is not something that the average project manager is undertaking so when you go through a […]

5 key principles of MoP – Latte experience

This  vodcast (Latter experience) from our partners at CCL in Brisbane, Australia and our Registered Consultant Elissa Farrow describe the 5 key principles of MoP Management of Portfolios 5 key principles with Elissa Farrow – http://youtu.be/YkNHow0diZk Enjoy