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APM Project Challenge – Our Story Part 2

Last week we posted part 1 of our APM Project Challenge Story. Below is part 2, enjoy.


To maximise our collections, we spent time with the TRT sponsor to enable us to competently speak about the charity publically. We were proud to attend two rugby matches to fundraise and raised £187.00. We sourced T-shirts, personalised buckets and charity ID tags to make us feel part of TRT. BristolvEaling Fundraising
We contacted over 100 organisations for raffle prizes and donations and we received some encouraging support:
“Well done to all concered, a worthy cause” – Julie Thomas, Wales Rugby Union reprensitive
“What a superb project you are involved in” – Tim Wainwright, England Rugby Union Social Responsibility Manager
We undertook (or will be undertaking) the following fundraising activities:CardiffvFrance Fundraising

  • Fitness Challenge
  • 15,000 ft. sky dive
  • Collection pots in local establishments
  • A prize draw
  • Cross channel swim (May)
  • Coast – to – coast bike ride – (July)


We achieved all objectives, delivered to success criteria, managed requirements and have a plan to realise the benefits. We are disappointed to report that the target of £5,000 was not met. We raised £2,500 and have developed a roll-out plan to ensure this project makes a significant impact to this fantastic charity and deserving recipients.
The project has provided us with many lessons and new project management skills that we can use throughout our careers. We have taken foundation qualifications, however the theory and reality have been very different. We undertook the work mostly in our own time.
We have reached the milestone set by the APM Challenge, but this is not the end. Fundraising will continue &  we will be supporting the TRT with the eLearning rollout. Future plans include a trip to Uganda this summer to see how our fundraising has supported the TRT.
On 11/04/16 we received notice that we had made the finals of APM Project Challenge! We are all so happy and pleased our hard work has been recognised and we will get the chance to present to all participating teams and their sponsors at the Finals night on April 28th in Bristol.

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