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APM Project Challenge – Our Story Part 1

In October 2015 Team Aspire (TA) met Lucky and Fortunate, two participants of the Tag Rugby Trust (TRT) Uganda branch. At just 10Project Challenge Photo years old, we were inspired by Lucky’s ambition to create a bright future for herself. When presented with the opportunity to compete in Project Challenge, TA thought this was the perfect way to make a difference through the TRT.

Planning Stage

The plan proved more challenging than anticipated despite TA being PRINCE2®/AMPIC qualified. We realised our conscious incompetence when working on an actual project. It was challenging moving from colleagues, to a performing team. On plan submission, we received a blow. An issue arose from the APM board – our project may have been out of scope due to not being “local” enough, there was concern expressed about the benefits in the feedback. This was resolved as the TRT is a deserving charity with Bristol Headquarters and we were allowed to proceed.

Moving into Delivery 

Workstream 1 – eLearning

Initially the intention had been to use our Project Fundamentals course as base materials. However, we were presented with a video from Uganda of the young leaders discussing project management. We realised that we had overestimated their literacy. Therefore a re-write was needed to match their ability and make the content suitable for the audience.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eg1kaE91pEM]
The video was a fantastic morale boost and reminder of our purpose.

Workstream 2 – Raising Awareness

An important early task for us was setting up a Social Media campaign and completing daily updates on Twitter, Facebook, and Just Giving. This resulted in a social media following of over 250 people including international rugby players.
All Aspire employees added links to the sites in their signatures. We communicated with 3,000 clients & suppliers through regular blog and newsletter updates, supported by emails and calls explaining our challenge. This resulted in a client contacting Aspire Fundraisng Prepoffering technical support for the eLearning creation.
We met with a local journalist which resulted in our project being featured in three media publications (Gordano Living, The Mercury and North Somerset Times) to increase publicity. Upon reflection, we should have followed these publications with regular updates to raise further awareness and engagement from the community.
We will be posting part 2 next week. This will cover the Fundraising and the overall summary.

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