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How can you raise your project performance baseline?

A significant issue facing many organisations trying to raise their project performance is a fundamental lack of project management competency across the organisation. There is a tendency to upskill project managers with bland generic qualifications when improving organisational awareness and capability as a whole is really what is required in order to achieve sustainable performance.
Aspire Academy are able to assist organisations with this requirement, by offering a solution in the form of our ‘Project Fundamentals I-Learning’ course which targets people with little, or inconsistent levels of experience, by introducing the core concepts of project management with non technical examples.
Our course can be used in the following ways to benefit your organisation.
• As part of a company induction programme to raise the general awareness and understanding of projects to all new staff
• As an introduction to the fundamental concepts and terminology of project management to non project people joining project teams
• As a means of establishing a basic vocabulary across the project community to increase confidence in the consistency of its use and ensure a more effective contribution to project delivery
Why not take a look at our taster version? http://aspireacademy.tv/fundamentalsdemo/
For full details of the course and costs – Click here
If this course is of interest to you or your organisation, we would love to hear from you.

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