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Magnificent Seven – Stakeholder Communications

The Magnificent Seven is a series of hot tips for improving the way you do an aspect of programme and project management. Here is our magnificent seven question checklist for stakeholder communications. 1. Include communication at the outset of a project 2. Create a simple, clear, and concise headline message about what the project is […]

APM Project Challenge Update

The Aspire Europe APM Project Challenge Team are pleased to announced several new fund raising initiatives for their project on top of the existing planned Skydive. These are: Cross channel swim (admittedly this is in a swimming pool) to be completed in April Kit scrummage– we are gathering spare kit from local rugby and other […]

Aspire Europe Course Summary

Aspire Europe offer a range of training solutions to support organisations in delivering their change effectively, many of our courses offer formal qualifications that are unique to Aspire Europe Ltd to help motivate and recognise the achievements of your teams. Training is only one element of raising your capability and improving performance, the proof of the […]

Solving the Riddle of Integrating Assurance

Integrated Assurance is a very popular topic at the moment; however, most organisations have a fragmented approach to how it is achieved. To have an integrated approach requires multiple layers in the organisation to function coherently. This article explains how to achieve this integration. The three tier approach clarifies how the models (and terms) fit […]

Decision Gates – The Ultimate Challenge

Establishing control gates to support effective project and programme management is the hurdle that many organisations seeking P3M3® level 3 status struggle to overcome. We have set out the problems that we have seen organisations face and advice on how to go about implementation, click here for the article Here are five good reasons why you […]

Transition between current and new Civil Service Learning contracts

We have recently received the following news from Capita: Capita CSL’s current contract with the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) for delivering Civil Service Learning (CSL) requirements is ending and contracts for future services are being tendered. You can find the announcement of the first phase of contracts here https://www.gov.uk/government/news/award-of-learning-contracts. The requirement for delivering bespoke learning, […]

APM Project Challenge Update

The Aspire Europe APM Project Challenge Team are pleased to announced that they have reached the delivery phase of the competition. They also have a feature on their project in the Mercury, to view click here. If you want to read more about the challenge or are feeling generous and want to donate please visit https://www.justgiving.com/Aspire-Europe