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An Overview of P3M3® Version 3

In June this year, AXELOS finally released the much awaiting revamped version of P3M3®. Two and a half years in development, and drawing on the lessons from the highly successful 2008 version, the makeover of the product had to reflect the increasing maturity and changing dynamics in the industry. Since P3M3® version 2 was released […]

What is Integrated Assurance?

Integrated Assurance is a term that has become common parlance over the last 5 or 6 years. The origins of the concept were the UK government monitoring of the London Olympics. It was such a complex programme with so many governance bodies wanting to satisfy themselves that everything was going well that people with in […]

Introduction to the new version of P3M3®

On Wednesday 18th November 2015, the Aspire Europe Managing Director Rod Sowden (P3M3 lead author 2008 and joint lead author 2015) will be presenting the Introduction to the new version of P3M3, APM event. P3M3 Version 3 was released earlier this summer by AXELOS to build on the success of the 2008 version in the global […]

ECMH Birthday Report

We have recently received the following news in regards to The Effective Change Manager’s Handbook (ECMH): Kogan Page have given a ‘birthday report’ on The Effective Change Manager’s Handbook, which was published one year ago yesterday.  They are absolutely delighted with the response to the ECMH, which has sold 3,618 print copies in its first year.  […]