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Business Events published in The Times today

Special report from RACONTEUR published in The Times on 28th May 2015 In an increasingly digital world, business events have become key opportunities for high-value, face-to-face interactions and a cornerstone in corporate communications strategy. But to ensure maximum return on investment, business events must better connect with people in genuine dialogue, while embracing new technologies. […]

The world is becoming more transparent

The ethos, culture and behaviour of a company’s chairman directly influences the message regarding ‘the way we do it round here’. So it is important that the management within the company is aligned to the culture set by the chairman, and that it sends clear messages to all project teams through its actions and leadership. […]

Job Opportunities at Aspire Europe

Aspire Europe currently has a number of exciting job opportunities available, these are: Junior Consultant (Graduate Internship) Graduate Marketing Internship Consultant/Trainer If you believe you have the skills and qualifications necessary to come and join the team at Aspire Europe, please send your CV with a brief covering email to graduate@aspireeurope.com or recruitment@aspireeurope.com (depending on the job) or […]

Stakeholders and Project success

FACT: PM is as much about people management as it is project management. Communicating and managing stakeholders effectively in change delivery is absolutely paramount to project success. Stakeholders have the power to de-rail projects and ultimately determine whether the project is deemed a success or failure by the larger audiences. At Aspire Europe we have […]

The Lazy Project Manager and the Best of British

One of our partners Donnie MacNicol, recently contributed to the Lazy PM Best of British pod casts, here is what he had to say about it: I recently had the pleasure attending the PMI Congress in London. As part of this, the laziest person in the project management world, Peter Taylor, somehow found the time to […]

Why leadership-development programmes fail

In this blog post we have included an excellent report by McKinsey & Company into why leadership-development programmes fail. Aspire Europe have supported a range of SRO (and still do) and other development programmes in the past and can vouch for these findings, which match our experiences. It highlights the four common mistakes companies make: Overlooking context […]

The talent to win

Global megatrends are escalating the war for top talent and reshaping business as we know it. To stay ahead, organizations are innovating at warp speed. The problem is, in most organizations business innovation dramatically outpaces talent innovation. And when your business strategy and talent strategy are out of sync, you can’t drive top business performance. […]