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CIPD report finds L&D delivery gap

A significant gap exists between the skills and capabilities L&D practitioners know they need and what they actually have in-house, a recent CIPD report has found. L&D: Evolving roles, enhancing skills found that though 87% think that business planning is a priority for L&D professionals, only 47% believe they currently have the skills in-house. The […]

Why is microlearning relevant?

Microlearning is a new kind of training for the digital age. It solves the unique challenges facing educators and trainers such as dwindling attention spans, knowledge workers with less time, companies’ shrinking budgets, and perhaps most challenging – rapid technological turnover causing lessons to expire as fast as they’re produced. This playbook offers strategies for […]

High Earners in Project Management

In the latest Project Management Salary Guide from Arras People, the independent annual report of the project management industry, of over 2000 practitioners polled, it was found that the highest earners* in project management are males in their forties. The highest earners also work for large organisations within the professional services and consultancy fields and […]

Survival Guide to Project Planning is finished

In the last 10 years, Aspire Europe has been involved in over 200 maturity reviews using the P3M3® maturity standard, worked as consultants in over 250 organisations, and delivered training to around 5,000 people across the globe. The one astoundingly consistent fact that has come out of this is that most organisations are very poor […]

Portfolio Management Insight

Portfolio Management involves the collection in one place of relevant information about the organisation’s investment initiatives including programmes and projects and aligning their delivery with strategic objectives, business requirements and the organisation’s capability, capacity (to deliver change and adopt change) and maturity. There are many examples of organisations improving performance through the adoption of a […]

International Project Management Day

We have recently received the following about  International Project Management Day for the 5th November 2015: Recognizing the Contributions of the Worldwide Community of Project Managers – International Project Management Day Purpose: The need for strong and well defined project management methods and strong project leaders is clearly evident in the world wide business, government, and non […]

Business Transformation published in The Times today

Evolving global markets, disruptive technologies and workforce shifts are just a few of the forces driving business change today. But while “change” may have become the new normal, executing true “transformation” is still a significant hurdle. This report explores how leaders should approach digital transformation, the role of customer influence in business agendas, leadership skills […]

5 golden rules for digitalizing your training offer

Digitalizing your offer, products and services will help you to create value at all levels. And the training departments adopted this approach. In a world where everyone is going digital, it should be pretty much a non-event. But the fact remains that migrating to digital has enough impact on the way training teams organize things […]