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MSP® Survival Guide is here!

In a joint venture between Aspire Europe Ltd and TSO, 3 guides are being developed to specifically target people occupying key programme management roles.
Out now – the first of this new series to be published is for BCMs, with the guides for SROs and Programme Managers to follow.
The guides are written for people entering the roles for the first time, to bring the concepts to life and sign post priority areas for them.
Some key features of these guides:

  1. They are specifically written for you and your role
  2. They explain the critical aspects of your role in far more detail than MSP® and in less technical terminology
  3. They provide useful BCM techniques, tools and worked examples
  4. They will help you prioritise your workload
  5. They focus on the critical success factors for your role

Rod Sowden, lead author of MSP® and this guide, explains,
“When we developed MSP® 2007 it was 30% bigger than the 2003 version and the 2011 version was 20% bigger again, so if each version continued on that trajectory it would be unsustainable. Programme Management is a complex topic which we learn more about every day, therefore we came up with the concept of role based versions that are written less formally and reflect the different dimensions of each role.
The BCM role is in many ways, the most complex and misunderstood, which is why we started with it as it is critical for success.
Hopefully this guide will help everyone to raise their game.”
For more information and to order a copy click here

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