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Improve your benefits management performance!

“However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results” – Winston Churchill FACT: KPMG in 2006 analysed that 80% of benefits defined in business cases never get delivered. FACT: Aspire Europe’s research into organisational maturity levels has supported this, with 90% of organisations being at Level 1 maturity, which means benefits delivery will […]

Aspire Academy accredited to deliver APMG Managing Benefits qualifications

Aspire Europe are very pleased to announce that the Aspire Academy is now accredited to offer the APM Group Managing Benefits course at both Foundation and Practitioner level. These courses will be offered in multiple locations including London, Bath and will be available for in-house delivery. If you would like more information, please click here or contact jayne.hood@aspireeurope.com […]

How can you raise your project performance baseline?

A significant issue facing many organisations trying to raise their project performance is a fundamental lack of project management competency across the organisation. There is a tendency to upskill project managers with bland generic qualifications when improving organisational awareness and capability as a whole is really what is required in order to achieve sustainable performance. […]

How to set up a Centre of Excellence

This short (Latter experience) vodcast from our partners at CCL in Brisbane, Australia and our Registered Consultant Elissa Farrow describes how you would go about about setting up a Centre of Excellence based on P3O and what is does to improve project delivery P3O Centres of Excellence with Elissa Farrow – http://youtu.be/E6QpGvcmjaI Enjoy

Why leadership-development programmes fail

In this blog post we have included an excellent report by McKinsey & Company into why leadership-development programmes fail. Aspire Europe have supported a range of SRO (and still do) and other development programmes in the past and can vouch for these findings, which match our experiences. It highlights the four common mistakes companies make: Overlooking context […]

Coaching vs mentoring – why the difference matters

Quite often, it is possible to hear the terms ‘coaching’ and ‘mentoring’ used interchangeably in a personal and organisational development context. Wherever these are used, the success of these development approaches is dependent upon many factors, not least the organisational culture, the skills of the individual mentor or coach, and the emphasis that is placed […]