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Change Management Institute – change agility

https://www.change-management-institute.com/sites/default/files/CMI%20White%20Paper%2C%20Change%20Agility%20-%20Feb%202012.pdf We came across this report recently, by the Change Management Institute into the factors that contribute to organisational agility It looks at 3 dimensions Strategic change leadership Business change readiness Project change management For those of you that are interested in P3M3 it makes very interesting reading as there are many parallels in the […]

Erasmus appoint GPP and Aspire to provide P3M3 support

The Erasmus Hospital building programme in Rotterdam have appointed Aspire Europe and Global Performance Projects (GPP) of Utrecht to support them in the development of project performance, which will be measured using P3M3. The Erasmus Hospital programme is the biggest in Holland at over 1bn euros. GPP are the strategic partners of Aspire Europe in Holland, […]

Programme Management – PMI or MSP – which one is for you?

Programme Management – MSP v PMI – which is right for you In many markets there is a debate about which of the two programme management frameworks should be adopted, in this article we take an objective view of each of frameworks and compare their relative strengths and weaknesses of the MSP and PMI approach […]

Building a future for South Africa

This week, we provide you with a short documentary video about PRINCE2 in South Africa and the work done at Philippi children’s centre in 2013. The video focuses on the amazing work by a group of volunteers from Holland and Aspire’s very own Alice constructing a safe place for children to be educated. Over the past […]