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When best practice isn't enough – McKinsey article

Many boards have improved their structures and processes. But to become truly effective stewards of their companies, they must also instill the right mind-set and boardroom dynamics. JUNE 2011 • Simon C. Y. Wong . Why is it that despite all the corporate-governance reforms undertaken over the past two decades, many boards failed the test […]

Good training saves money

Project managers seeking training funds have new evidence that training improves project success rates, thanks to a survey that links the two. The survey, conducted online and over the phone in April by project management training and consulting firm Project Management Solutions, asked respondents to share how much money they spend on project management training, […]

Organizing for successful change management: A McKinsey Global Survey

Executives say energy and communication are essential for a successful business transformation. JULY 2006 The most successful transformations of business performance occur when executives mobilize and sustain energy within their organizations and communicate their objectives clearly and creatively, according to a new online survey conducted by The McKinsey Quarterly.1 Executives further improve their chances for […]

Department of Labour award P3M3 contract to KPMG/Aspire

Wellington, New Zealand. The Department of Labour have announced that the competition to deliver a P3M3 assessment has been won by the joint KPMG/Aspire proposition. The work will take place in the coming weeks and will be delivered by the KPMG consultants in Wellington with support from Aspire consultants in Sydney and the UK. Rod […]

P3M3 – everything you wanted to know but didn't like to ask

Aspire Europe will be hosting a session at the Best Practice Showcase conference called “P3M3 – everything you wanted to know but didn’t like to ask” When P3M3 was released in 2008 it took the PPM world by storm, a maturity assessment tool that enabled organisations to measure themselves against an internationally accepted standard – […]

Business Projects – Why are they so tough

We will be hosting a further session at the Best Practice Showcase conference called “Business Projects – why are they so tough” There are a number of project methods that have their roots in projects that create things, mainly technology, construction or manufacturing products. However, many business projects do not have the certainty of outcome […]