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  Project Fundamentals



 12 Months 

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About APM
Project Management is the way of managing change. Everything from the Olympics to organising a wedding can be considered a project. It describes the activities that meet specific objectives and can be used to introduce or improve new or existing products and services that are separate to business-as-usual activities. 
This APM Project Fundamentals Qualification will provide you with the fundamentals necessary to apply the key elements of Project Management including planning and scheduling, communication, teamwork, resource management, project risk management and project reviews.

Our APM PFQ course provides far more than the basic syllabus - we want to help you to really get to grips with project management, including video, self development exercises and plenty of interactivity in the modules.


Since the lockdowns began in March 2020 we have dedicated our team to redesigning and refreshing all our e-learning to ensure we have a sustainable product and service. The new features include:

  • Supporting videos
  • More exercises
  • More interactivity
  • Improved graphics
  • Better accessibility (including screen readers, subtitles and keyboard navigation)
  • Workplace assignments
  • Supporting How 2 Guides and FAQ pages 

When comparing prices, always check “What is included”, in particular manuals and examinations. 
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