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C4CM™ Accredited Training

Aspire is an Accredited Training Organisation approved by the Centre for Change Management (C4CM™) to deliver nationally recognised qualifications for professional development to their clients.


All qualifications are vocation based within the Qualifications and Credit Framework and are accredited by ILM

The training is based on material approved by C4CM™ which covers the syllabus and meets the learning objectives of each qualification.

The business benefits for Aspire in providing C4CM™ accredited qualifications are their flexibility and ability to demonstrate value to our customers.

Each qualification has a common structure which counts towards the Guided Learning Hours that determine the number of credits for each award.

The usual delivery format for an award is:

Preparatory Work: usually some background papers and Internet research on the course topic, plus some research in the student's organisation.

Course Content: delivered face to face by a trainer or a combination of delivery techniques depending on the Training Company. This includes theory, tools, and processes.

Assessment: for the qualification in which the student puts the theory into practice and uses the tools in their workplace.

Portfolio, Programme and Project Management
This qualification is structured to provide useful education from each award whilst building up a body of knowledge that can lead to a higher qualification.

Each qualification has a level and credit rating within the Qualifications and Credit

The qualifications Aspire currently offer are:

Modular Certificates
Managing Change - Level 4 / 13 credits

This qualification is modular and includes many of the modules below. Each of which may be taken as a separate qualification, or some of them may be combined as modules for the more significant qualification listed at the this link.

Delegates learn from courses mixed with some preparatory work. The assessment then requires further work in the work-place to apply the knowledge and use the tools described in the course. Practicing the skills in this way benefits both the student and their employer.

Delegates receive certification for professional development which can then lead to a broader qualification in Change Management.

For further information please refer to the C4CM™ website at

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